What are the best dog treats for Huskies? It depends on what breed of Husky you have, what they’re doing, and even the time of year.


Due to their heritage as hardened snow dogs, Huskies have sensitive stomachs and special dietary needs. They thrive on a high-quality diet containing whole, unprocessed ingredients. That’s one reason why pet parents of working Huskies prefer to feed their dogs the same foods their nomadic ancestors would’ve eaten, like seasonal game and fish.


Did you know that working Siberian Huskies need to reduce their protein intake to around 20% during the summer? When the snow starts to fall, that amount increases to over 30%. These dietary adjustments ensure your doggo doesn’t gain too much weight during periods of low activity.

The same philosophy applies to treats. Ideally, treats should comprise no more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie allowance. Some of the strictest pet parents of Huskies only dole out treats during training sessions.


Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best dog treats for Huskies, both hardworking sled dogs and couch “pupatoes” alike.



Ingredients to look for

  • Organic, locally sourced meat. Organic meats are minimally processed, without all the artificial ingredients that could harm your dog’s health. Locally sourced meat also provides the freshest option possible while reducing your Husky’s carbon pawprint.

  • Natural humectants. Ever wonder why dog treats keep for so long? The secret is humectants, a substance used to preserve moisture. But not all humectants are created equal. Molasses and vegetable glycerin are safer alternatives to synthetic humectants.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to keeping your Husky’s coat healthy, omega-3 fatty acids benefit the body in myriad ways. From promoting cognitive development and good eyesight to regulating blood flow and preventing inflammation, omega-3 fatty acids are an essential part of a nutritious diet.


Ingredients to avoid

  • Wheat and grains. Skip treats containing wheat, corn, rice, and other grains that can upset your Husky’s stomach.

  • High amounts of calcium. Huskies are prone to zinc deficiency. Excess calcium complicates this problem, so be sure to check the treats’ calcium content before purchasing.

  • Artificial ingredients. Watch out for food dyes, artificial preservatives like sodium nitrate, and synthetic humectants like propylene glycol.


The best dog treats for Huskies

Dehydrated salmon chunks

Siberian Huskies and their ancestor, the ancient Siberian wolf, feasted on fresh salmon while trekking across the tundra. Dehydrated salmon chunks are the next best thing for modern Huskies with an instinctive hankering for seafood.


All-natural pork ears

Pork ears are an excellent alternative to rawhide bones, which present a choking hazard. They’re also a healthy source of protein that your dog will love gnawing on all day long.


Dental chews

Keep those pearly whites clean with dental chews or bones. Be sure to look for low-calorie, grain-free options packed with vitamins and minerals.


Grain-free turkey biscuits

Turkey biscuits are the “pawfect” training treat. Most biscuits are bite-sized or easy to break into smaller pieces, making them an ideal option for obedience lessons. Feel free to swap out the turkey for more exotic options like venison or halibut.


Frozen watermelon bites

When the heat is on, there’s no better way for your Husky to cool down than with a watermelon “pupsicle”. This mouthwatering, low-calorie treat is chock full of fiber, vitamin B6, and potassium. Remove the seeds before freezing, and never let your Husky chew the rind.


Final thoughts on the best dog treats for Huskies

  • Huskies are picky eaters. If they don’t like the texture or taste of a treat, you can be sure they’ll turn up their snout. Even one bad experience with a certain food can put them off forever.

  • Don’t overdo it. Because treats provide a tasty incentive during training, it’s best to give your dog a treat only when they’ve earned it. Giving them treats often and for no good reason might confuse them. (And bring out their inner alpha wolf.) The exception to this rule is the daily dental chew, which cleans plaque and tartar from your pup’s teeth.

  • Skip the table scraps. Reducing food waste by slipping your Husky some leftovers might seem like a good idea. But remember how we said Huskies have sensitive stomachs? Table food can agitate the pancreas and digestive tract and cause weight gain.


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